Due to don’t-know-what reason(initially my very poor english,2ndly some never-heard-before medical terms), i have to take medicine and ice and ice and ice and massage massage massage ice ice ice and ice.
lie on the couch with the injured leg elevated.again.
i didn’t know the consequences of going back to my normal life will lead me back to the ‘abnormal’ life. I’m not the kind of person who go out a lot and i can stay at home for a really long time. but heck, i’m someone who needs a lotsa freedom. guess that part of myself was very very impatient of being unable to walk around, jumping up and down, running, drinking, cooking, etc, etc.
Despite the fact that i’m a free thinker, i really wish God could help me at this moment. hallelujah.

However, not being able to do all these things reminds me of what i’ve been leaving behind. for instance, drawing.
some of you may know that i used to scribble a lot but not drawing. i have neither reveal any works of mine nor talk about it. not even once.
When fiona said that she was once afraid of picking up the pen and paint brush to write and draw, i was like ‘wtf. deja vu?’
she said, Being able to release my emotions beautifully yet ‘safely’ on paper and canvas unlocks my heart.
to me, i don’t feel safe to release feelings through drawing. That is why i never show anyone. Call it a bad habit or mental disorder maybe. I’m always scare that if anyone sees through me. The me that no one knows. Even though, it doesn’t mean that i’m a hypocrite= =” As you guys know,i don’t have to talk because my face shows everything.Angry smile
know what i’m saying? dunno leh…..haha!

anyway, just bull shitting because company law is too boring, auditing is dull and accounting theory put me to sleep as well. thanks for your patience.
friends,i really really really llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllike you. i wont use the word ‘love’. u can hold your vomit back, i don’t wanna know what you ate this morning.


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