Not your ordinary lunch

i think i haven’t really been eating proper meal since i rolled my ankle.

First, it’s harder to stand than to walk. how weird huh. In such situation,cooking and washing dishes are not easy. Hence a lot of ramen and peanut butter toast plus lotsa chocolate bars, biscuits, pringles and whatever junk u can think of. It’s not that shapo cannot cook. I’m just simply don’t like the feeling of having other people to help me all the time.

Secondly, i think i eat like a pregnant woman lately. the amount of food, the sudden craving, the never ending hunger…whether it was because of pms or any other reason. i don’t know. Jeans are getting tighter and tighter. Nothing will be worse than having wake up every wonderful morning and see a bloated face. When i look into the mirror while brushing my teeth, i feel like pinching my face and goes ” cute.only if i’m a 3-year-old.!$#@!#%” . Yea, maniac style adopted. love me or hate me. or u dont understand? well, just ignore it then.

Yesterday, there were some exchange students from Japan came to our japanese class. We had games and very very funny interview sessions which we asked them questions like do u play pc games,did u drink coffee this morning, did u eat rice yesterday,etc. Questions are retarded? We sound even more retarded in speaking japanese. haha! but it was quite fun actually. After that, we had lunch at Kenzan since they asked whether we wannt join them for lunch ( which i was very unsure about because jocelyn was overexcited and i suspected that she misunderstood the jap’s meaning. i think they were just asking for directions). Anyway, i’m glad that we had lunch together even though it was a little bit weird. just a liiiiiltle bit. Also, bit difficult to communicate with our limited japanese and their very simple english. But because the japs are quite friendly and talkative and funny, it was still not too bad.

I went to see McDreamy or McSteamy ( according to ms.G) after lunch then went home.

and this is how i spent my 水曜日(wednesday).

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