Real nice weather

Laundry day by the Sleepwalker in Tokyo reminds me of the super hot days back in malaysia.

I remember the mountain of dirty clothes in the corner of my room always annoys my mom. I’ll always wash all that in one time and the front yard will be full of my clothes that mom doesn’t even have any space to hang other clothes. then, she complains again. haha!

however, weather is not a problem after i came here. because of the dryer, i don’t have to worry about the sudden rain or wait for a so-called laundry day.

But, i do miss the hot days. perfect reason  for ice-cream and minis.don’t you think so?

and this was one good laundry day in melbourne

p.s. Sleepwalking in Tokyo is one of the bookmark links that i’ll click into everyday regardless of what day it is.

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