if u look carefully, i was screaming ‘waaaaaaa’. nah,,,yawning actually.
not much happened except for the ‘aloha’ all the way  from honolulu excites me. also, the pork belly served by a cool lady who wears amazingly long and bold eyeliner. and my hair smells like smoked ham now.


这几天前前后后上上下下,2个人‘哇’了无数遍。气叹到连房间都快变温室。近乎‘气告 sin’了(傻婆,2010)。
扫射了上千万个字导致现在看到abc鸡肠很怕。好死不死,泡菜加yogurt=过渡顺畅。偏偏就在那种要去不能去的时候。jin hae bot thai lang lo(请自行找hakka佬翻译)。那种时候,用伍佰挪威的森林前奏当背景音乐,画面应该会几悲惨,内心却很澎湃。他妈的摇滚一下咯。
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