have only 2 songs in my playlist currently. obsessed and been repeating for many times.
the songs sound like a sunday morning, warm and bright but somehow lonely. the person sit on the balcony with ciggarette in hand and coffee in a chipped mug at side.
(now insert rewind sound effect, if u cannot imagine click here)
siao ar. u thought i’m shooting some movie? or watch too much movies and think i’m some kinda rocker living in some dodgy flat behind the dark alley. and looks very emo like that. no lar…..oiyo,look at my breakfast

sooooo healthy. have u ever seen an otaku turns into a nana-like?  songs are just songs. otaku lives in reality, so do I.
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One Response to obsessed

  1. Crystal Gan says:

    ta ma de. ur rewind sound effect. damn random

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