a lil hint

guess what. i’ve been waking up quite early recently and i’ve been bragging about this. among the neighbourhood. Cello girl next door and pc games nerd upstairs should have known that i’m an early bird now.awesome. awe~some. yea, like a teenager seeking for attention. just kidding. aha.
another film fest in town man. let’s see how many the movie maniac can achieves this time.
also, i’m back to the city. Not an adventurous trip that pumps up adrenaline. However, it was a relaxing one with lotsa delicious food. I should have brought the camera and take pictures of the food like how we asians love to do before we start eating. So that everyone on facebook knows what i had in the past few days. O0K,another bad joke. sorry, hormones level are fluctuating. i can feel the pms is coming.
get dressed up for the afternoon tea party,ladies. coffee or tea?

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One Response to a lil hint

  1. shian says:

    ooooooh~~ yum yum 😀

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